Children’s Workshop


Children’s Workshop

Kids learn best when they are having fun at the same time in our children workshop! Engage your kids in fun and character building activities like these!



The kids turned little ice cream chefs in this fun filled Ice Cream Making Workshop designed for kids age 3 to 12 years old!

What the children will do:

•  Gain general knowledge such as how ice cream came about
•  Learn about the basic science of ice cream making
•  Pick up some fun facts about ice cream
•  Hands-on experience of making their favourite ice cream using easily available equipment and ingredient in your kitchen

Fees: $48 per child ( Min.20 children to start a class)



Kids become little gardener in this 75 mins of educational and enjoyable workshop! Bring a little of the magical properties nature has into your home, while educating your child about the importance of plants in our lives.

Plant-a-plant Terrarium Workshop designed for kids age 4 to 12 years old!

What the children will do:

•  Kids get to learn the process of the plant’s growth, as well as the benefits and importance of conserving     plants!
•  Pick up interesting facts about plants, and learn where the greens they eat came from!
•  Gain gardening experience without breaking a sweat!
•  Children get to design their own terrarium with different decorations

Fees: $48 per child ( Min. 20 children to start a class)










There’s a hole in my donut! Join us for some donut fun to bake mini donuts. Baked, not fried,making it a healthier snack for the little ones. Play dressing up with donuts and bring home your little creations to share with your love ones.

What the children will be doing:
Put together the donut batter from scratch – Measure, stir and whisk!
Bake their own donut with our mini donut machine
Decorate up these mini donuts with their creativity
Designed for kids between 4 to 12 years old
Duration: 75 mins

Fees: $48 per child (Min.20 children to start a class)



Do we get to eat them? Join us for some scrumptious fun with making an edible chocolate dough. Chocolate is actually high in vitamins like B1, B2, D and E and it’s antioxidant properties help to boost the immune system. So let’s knead it, shape it and eat it!

Why edible chocolate clay?

It is non-toxic, made with simple ingredients from your pantry!
Children can eat their creation

What the children will be doing:

•  Make their own edible chocolate clay from scratch
•  Pick up some basic math skills along the way
•  Create their very own chocolate animals
•  Designed for kids between 4 – 10 years old

Duration: 75 mins

Fees: $45 per child ( Min.20 children to start a class)

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