Complete Educational Program

Why Start Later, When you Can start Young?

Make the best of your child's formative years!

By 8 months, a baby's brain has about 1000 trillion cells connections, of which only less than 500 trillion will be left by the time they reach the age of 10. As the brain operates on a 'use it or lose it basis', early experiences are the defining factors affecting the rate of reduction in nerve connections. Studies on neglected children, who had been deprived of physical and mental stimulation, found that parts of their brain were underdeveloped and 20-30% smaller than most children their age.

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Program Includes :

  • Colourful & Engaging Books.
  • DVD, Video CDs, Audio CDs & CD-ROMs to encourage online learning.
  • Play & Learn Kits such as; stickers, posters and flash cards.
  • User Guide.
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